Bushido Battle

A warrior's path never strays, especially when their life is on the line. Fight or die!

Journey To Hades

Once you die and its game-over, where do you go? This ride goes only one way; down to the underworld of Hades!

Glory Royale

Can you defeat 1000 other opponents to attain glory?


HTML5 gaming portal with lots to play.

//Refactor the industry

Every 10 years there is a watermark that can be seen throughout many industries and forms of technology; a defining moment that people will look back on as groundbreaking and trail blazing. At Supervoid are constantly looking for that definition, so we too can be a part of that moment in time. WebGL has never been more ready to receive its moment in the post-app-store sunshine, and we will be there to make sure that day will be brighter than ever before.